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Sustainable Rural Production

Our valued clients include Private Landholders, Rural Producers, Graziers, Poultry Farmers and Producer Groups that are seeking to run their businesses and manage their land in a more environmentally sustainable way.

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The team at Envirosphere appreciates the diverse needs of rural landholders and approaches to managing both the common and unique opportunities and challenges facing every owner. We work with our rural landholder clients to improve their understanding of the natural environmental values of their land, move from traditional farming methods to more ecologically viable practices, help identify and prepare plans to restore degraded land, assist with pest management issues and related land management challenges, identify potential impacts from their activities and management strategies to achieve their vision. We specialise in working with rural landholders to capture data about the characteristics of their properties, create long term plans for property management and improvement and implement property plan actions.

We assist rural landholders in protecting and enhancing their land and ensuring that it achieves compliance with regulatory requirements and is sustainably managed. We also work with rural landholders to increase income and profitability by improving the condition and presentation of their property’s land based assets or moving from traditional farming systems to mixed use farms and fully sustainable operations.

Examples of services we can provide to Rural Landholders include:

  • Property and farm management planning
  • Soils analysis and investigations
  • Waterway assessments and mitigation measures
  • Ecological analysis (including terrain analysis, vegetation and fauna surveys)
  • Pest Planning (weed and animal)
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies
  • Training in property management activities
  • Project design, planning and management for land restoration activities
  • Options evaluation and business case analysis for property management issues
  • Preparing applications for grants funding
  • Data capture and presentation (e.g. GIS map production)
  • Vegetation assessments and clearing plans
  • Sediment and erosion control plans
  • Stock management planning


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