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Government and Natural Resources

This is an important industry sector for Envirosphere which includes State and Local Government Agencies, Landcare, Water Resources, Parks and Wildlife Service, Private Conservation Land Managers, Catchment Groups and Indigenous Land Managers.

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We have an excellent understanding of the specific needs of conservation land managers and the unique opportunities and challenges facing this sector. Our experienced team work side-by-side with our conservation land management clients to increase their environmental knowledge and improve management of their land.

Examples of services we can provide to Government and Natural Resource Management clients include:

  • Application drafting
  • Property Management Planning (PMP’s)
  • Ecological analysis (including terrain analysis, vegetation and fauna surveys)
  • Asset Planning and Current Asset Management Plans for environmental and civil assets
  • Development of Conservation Management Plans
  • Pest Planning (weed and animal)
  • Training in property management activities
  • Project design, planning and management for land restoration activities
  • Options evaluation for property management issues
  • Preparing applications for grant funding
  • Data capture and presentation (e.g. GIS – Map Production)
  • Vegetation rehabilitation plans
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Training program development and delivery
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Drone aerial photography
  • GIS data capture and presentation
  • Landscape architecture and design
  • Ecological analysis (including terrain analysis, vegetation and fauna surveys)
  • Ecological restoration plans
  • Threatened species impact management plans


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