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They key to reducing environmental impact and meeting ecological compliance legislation with any project is to have a well-prepared plan. Our environmental specialists will ensure that all ecological project goals are met and exceeded.


Our planning and design services ensure that your project or program meets all necessary environmental compliance legislation and guidelines, that all competing and conflicting parameters are reviewed and addressed, logical steps are set out, synergies are identified and utilised and government regulator’s reporting requirements are met.

Planning includes:

  • Design – Eco-scaping, Ecological Restoration, Land Management
  • Applications – Environmental applications, permits, operational works, landscape
  • Environmental offsets – advanced offsets, habitat quality assessments, offset area management plans and offset delivery plans
  • Management Planning
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Impact Assessment

Reports and Plans – including: Ecological Reports, Ecological Restoration/Rehabilitation Management Plans, Covenant Management Plans, Habitat Condition and Use Reports, Fauna Management Plans, Strategic Land Use Plans, Master Plans, Landscape Plans, Vegetation Management Plans, Arborist Reports, Asset Management Plans for natural areas and more.